Date: July 2022

 It is a temple of taste, in Piazza Torino, a very welcoming place and, above all, the only location in Jesolo to offer and recreate the specialties of the Sardinian cuisine. In addition to the excellent fresh fish dishes, such as the famous two-storey appetizer and the delicious fried fish, pizzas

Love Drink & Cuisine: the three pleasures of life. Balicana, a real gem in one of the busiest areas of the city, precisely relies on this philosophy. It is an environment with an exotic style and a soft and relaxing atmosphere, with a design that pays the utmost attention to the smallest details

Summer has come, everyone is looking for fresh and tasty food but without spending much time in the kitchen. If you find yourself in this situation, Figlia di Papà is your salvation: a food shop where you can find top-quality raw materials dedicated to the specialties of our beautiful Country, with

To get the day off to a good start An exclusive lounge bar which takes its name from the iconic towers of Piazza Drago has a modern, international, and refined interior design both inside and on the outdoor terrace. Each element is perfectly designed to make it a comfortable, relaxing and fun experi

The right place for the righteous If you are amongst those who say “In the past we had more fun” do not miss the opportunity to come this way: motorcycles, good beer, hard rock music and, above all, the “freedom of expression” typical of underground culture. Yes, because here


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