JJ28_cb essen bar
Italians love ice cream, but it is not easy to find good ones. Essen café and ice cream parlour prepares delicious and fresh ice cream. The menu includes various sundaes, so, if you cannot decide, ask Erika, the owner, for advice, and she will be glad to help you. In addition to the tasty homemade ice cream, you can also try the colourful cocktails and the refreshing muddled drinks to sip on the outdoor terrace, a nice sitting room in the heart of Jesolo. If you wake up early in the morning, after a healthy walk by the sea, stop here for a rich, restorative breakfast, with freshly baked croissants and creamy cappuccinos. Here, tradition is wisely combined with innovation and top-quality products.

Via S. Trentin, 52 | cell. +39 388 806 0714 

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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