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 It is a temple of taste, in Piazza Torino, a very welcoming place and, above all, the only location in Jesolo to offer and recreate the specialties of the Sardinian cuisine. In addition to the excellent fresh fish dishes, such as the famous two-storey appetizer and the delicious fried fish, pizzas and the traditional Italian dishes, the real protagonists of the menu are the Sardinian delicacies: malloreddus, roasted suckling pig, carasau bread, culurgiones, seadas and much more, all to be tasted and paired with wines, including the Sardinian ones. Gea’s passion for cooking is reflected in every dish and in the quality of the ingredients. Open every day for lunch and dinner. You can also enjoy your food on the cool terrace overlooking the square, or order it and take it away.
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Via F Gioia, 25 | tel 0421 341556 

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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