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The right place for the righteous

If you are amongst those who say “In the past we had more fun” do not miss the opportunity to come this way: motorcycles, good beer, hard rock music and, above all, the “freedom of expression” typical of underground culture. Yes, because here, at In Garage, you can breathe the nostalgic air of the 90s, thanks to the renovation with a vintage atmosphere inspired by the world of motorcycling, where everyone can freely be themselves. On your way back from the beach, stop and savour an iced “niche” beer, or try an excellent aperitif with a platter of delicious cheese and the freshest tartare. On Saturdays and Sundays, until late morning, it is possible to indulge in a super breakfast choosing between sweet and savoury. After having spent a nice evening with friends out clubbing if you don’t want to go to bed, stop here for a warm and fragrant croissant with your favourite filling or, for those who love savoury, from the early hours of dawn it is possible to taste a sandwich stuffed with charcuterie, or a tasty soft focaccia fresh out of the oven. This summer in Jesolo, fun is not lacking, choose the innovation, originality, and freedom of expression of In Garage.    

Via F Gioia, 25 | tel 0421 341556 

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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