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Accade tutto a Parigi 

by Victoria Brownlee Everything looks perfect that evening, but the words that her boyfriend is saying are not what Ella expected: she thought that he would ask her to marry him, but he wants to leave her. She chooses to start over in Paris, the last place where she was really happy and carefree.

L’ultima notte di Raul Gardini 

by Gianluca Barbera On 23 July 1993, the body of Raul Gardini has been found in a pool of blood in his bedroom. Journalist Marco Rocca carries out an investigation full of twists, which leads him to the discovery of a truth even more surprising than he expected.
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Romanzo di un naufragio. Concordia: una storia vera

by Pablo Trincia Exactly one century after the sinking of the Titanic, the flagship of Costa Crociere crosses the Mediterranean Sea counterclockwise. It carries over four thousand people of 64 different nationalities, whose lives were marked forever on 13 January 2012.


Writing because… Writing how… Write where… So, if you are planning to write a book but have asked yourself these questions first, then you are making a mistake. Writing comes from a gut feeling, then moves to the head as a thought and eventually comes alive on a white sheet. The pen must slide on paper, freeing your feelings and letting the words flow, one by one, to form a sentence and a clear concept. Therefore, the first step consists of writing straight away what you can no longer keep hidden in a “drawer”. The second step is… Read the following article in the next issue.

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