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Alberto racconta Sordi

by Schiavina Maria Antonietta Our “Albertone”, an international protagonist of the art and cinema industry, chose a good and reliable journalist from Milan to tell his secrets and memories, which, read today, sound like an intimate and artistic testament. Sordi tells everything “without any shame but with the obligation of discretion”.

Gli ultimi giorni di Marilyn Monroe 

by Badman Keith Assumption 1: it was a suicide. Assumption 2: Marilyn was killed upon request of the Kennedy family. The author does not believe in either of these two assumptions. For five years he retraces the diva’s last days, thus giving the ultimate answers to the many questions that still today linger on Marilyn and her legend.
JJ30_gli ultimi giorni di marylin
JJ30_totò attore

Totò attore

by Ennio Bìspuri  This book aims at describing Totò’s acting career. It will show that there is not just one Totò, but there are as many as the acting levels on which the actor performed from time to time. The focus on the art of Totò will take you on a journey where every page refers to a precise stylistic context.


Now you must choose the title for your work. The name cannot be chosen at random just because you like the meaning or the sound of a word. Look for it carefully within the text itself, using a meaningful word taken from it or a different one that may act as a common thread. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you might think. Start writing some titles without focusing too much, but still paying due attention to what you have written. At the end of this step, read them several times, and, trust me, in the end there will be just one title that perfectly fits your masterpiece. The next stage will be applying to a trusted friend. Follow me in the next issue.
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