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Book Lovers | settembre 2022

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Marcus e il destino di un samurai

by Matteo Carraro  In a Japan full of evocative legends, the murder of Emperor Gouda and his daughter Aimi marks the beginning of the era of Prince Keiko. Kusunoki, the court apothecary, is one of the seven samurai who protect Japan with their lives and will end up fighting with their killer to change the fate of the entire nation.

Cachemire rosso 

by Christiana Moreau Among the various colours of the Ordos market, there is one that stands out: it is the hypnotic red of a cashmere sweater. Alessandra immediately falls in love with it and buys it to revive the fortunes of her boutique in Florence. The seller is Bolormaa, who reluctantly gives away what she considers her home. Two women, two destinies intertwined like the red threads of the cashmere sweater.
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L’inaffondabile Greta James 

by Jennifer E. Smith Greta James never sinks, or at least she thinks so. She is an indie musician who, after years of working her way up, is just one step away from the release of her new album, when she gets overwhelmed. This novel tells a cathartic story that will help you face the storms of life and let yourself go.


Now your work is finished. You have chosen the title and the story seems good, but this is just your opinion. Before sending it to a publishing house, ask a trusted person to read it, or apply to someone who can tell you whether your work is worth being published or not. Please, don’t get personal if your work is criticised or needs some corrections. You don’t have enough clarity of mind to critically judge your work, because you will always see it as a piece of art. What is the next step? This time you will have to wait a little longer, until the Christmas issue of Jesolo Journal but I tell you that the wait will not be in vain.
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