Date: August 2022

La sua arte allo squero di San Trovaso The squero is the typical Venetian boatyard where the famous gondolas of the Venetian lagoon are made, but also paparini, sandoli, sciopòni and other traditional boats. There are only five in Venice, but the oldest and most famous is the squero di San Trovaso,

Today, choosing to do your shopping on the doorstep means consciously choosing high quality products, linked to the territory. Figlia di Papà is not just a reference point for the sale of typical traditional food from the Veneto region, but a family history that seeks authenticity and taste through

Tortelli with prawns and lime, or typical Sardinian pasta with potatoes, Greek feta cheese and mint, or lasagnette with homemade pesto (without garlic) and cherry tomatoes, or the alternative with scampi and courgettes, there are many summer delicacies that Signora Pasta has thought up for you. In h

 The only Sardinian restaurant in Jesolo is located in Piazza Torino. With its traditional and genuine cuisine, Il Girasole offers a journey to the discovery of the traditions and ancient flavours of Sardinia. Culurgiones, malloreddus, fregola with mussels, roast suckling pig, seadas, carasau bread


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