JJ15_ Alessandro Cattelan

And then there is Alessandro!

by Elisa Panto

We know him from a very young age from our television screens, starting with the debut on the music channel Viva, to the fun program for children Ziggie, and then onto MTV with various broadcasts around the world, finally Le Iene and Quelli che il calcio e … , and again, X Factor presenter and protagonist of “And then there is Cattelan”.

Without forgetting his radio broadcasting, from Radio Kiss Kiss to Rtl 102.5, from Radio 105 to Radio Deejay. This and much more is Alessandro Cattelan!

  • Hi Alessandro and thanks for your availability! TV and radio host, but also a writer, actor, voice actor, football player … what is written on your identity card?
    On the identity card I put writer. But not because I feel like one, only because it is also intended as an author. But if I could have chosen, I would have written footballer.
  • Can you tell us how did you come to this success?
    I started very young. Initially I didn’t even consider it as a job. Then over time I became passionate about it and I understood that I could do something good in this environment.
  • The best moments of your career? And the more challenging ones?
    Initially, the freedom it gave me, the travelling I was able to do, the people which it allowed me to meet. There are no difficult ones. In the end it only takes a little patience to endure the fact that you are always exposed to people’s judgments. 
  • In “And then there is Cattelan”, the funniest guest you have had and (if you can tell us!) The most … difficult one?
    There were a lot of fun ones. From Favino to Pozzecco, from Robbie Williams to Cesare Cremonini. Even the “difficult” ones who perhaps don’t usually like interviews with me, they have fun. 
  • Do your daughters watch you on television? What do they tell you?
    They never used to look at me. Until this year when they saw some episodes of “And then there is Cattelan”. Olivia sings the jingle putting her name in it!
  • Your summers in Jesolo, how were they as a teenager and how are they now?
    Fantastic, because my aunt and uncle cook so well. I didn’t have cousins ​​in Piedmont so in the summer I could play with my cousins ​​on the beach.
  • We know that you are a big fan of travelling all over the world, will you be able to complete the tour of Italy in a camper that you planned with your family this summer?
    I don’t know. We’ll try. The girls would love it. I don’t like driving but everything we do is for the children. 
  • You are a great lover of the 90s … what can we not miss in those years, between films and songs?
    I hope you have all seen Fight Club and experienced the dualism Blur vs Oasis.

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