JJ15_Giorgio Vanni

“Cartoon songs will always be in our hearts”

by Alessio Conforti

How many times have we recalled the theme song of a cartoon, singing the refrain even after a long time? The answer to this question is rather obvious: many times. We have discussed this issue with Giorgio Vanni, Italian singer and guitarist, whose voice is associated with famous cartoon songs like Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Maledetti Scarafaggi, Yu-Gi-Oh and Beyblade, among others. These songs have accompanied the afternoons of the kids and will be never forgotten, even after decades. The singer from Milan was the protagonist of an event held at the Centro Piave in San Donà.

  • Giorgio Vanni, your voice has kept many people company. What are the future perspectives of this industry?
    Cartoon music has become a genre on its own and is still successful. Fortunately, there is a loyal audience that still listens to this music, even after many years. There is a connection, a feeling. It’s amazing.
  • And what about music in general?
    The results are very positive, especially among the youth. Teenagers are the main audience, for example with new genres, such as Trap. In general, music never dies, although someone is trying to kill it.
  • Who are you referring to?
    Inadequate record companies.
  • With reference to “your” music, there are always new songs in addition to the classics …
    That’s right! Ammiraglio Max (Max Longhi) – with whom I write all the songs- and I have composed new songs, such as “Dragon Ball Super”, “Pokemon Go” and “Supereroi” together with DJ Matrix.
  • You have become popular also thanks to the new media: social networks, websites, the Internet. What will cartoons be like in 15 years in your opinion?
    They will be more technological, but there will always be vintage cartoons. Unless someone makes up something totally new and crazy!
  • What is the most successful theme song in this period?
    “My hero academia”. 
  • What is your last song?
    “Alpacarl”, a theme song for a very cool indie cartoon. I’ve collaborated with Ammiraglio Max, Nostromo Daniele Cuccione and the great Alessia Spera, who has been writing the lyrics for my songs for a long time.
  • We often listen to cartoon songs and wonder who the singer is.
    You’re right. Once it was more difficult to find out who the singer was. Today, thanks to technology and the Internet, you can learn the identity of the singer, author and producer.
  • How does it feel?
    It’s good, because we feel the same affection during our concerts. In the past, it was not so intense.
  • What will Giorgio Vanni do as an adult?
    I will never grow up. I will always remain a kid. 
  • Like Peter Pan …
    We must all be Peter Pan and keep this part of us alive. Even in the most severe adult, there is always a Peter Pan, and we must defend it!

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