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 The only Sardinian restaurant in Jesolo is located in Piazza Torino. With its traditional and genuine cuisine, Il Girasole offers a journey to the discovery of the traditions and ancient flavours of Sardinia. Culurgiones, malloreddus, fregola with mussels, roast suckling pig, seadas, carasau bread and much more. Moreover, the menu includes pizzas and exquisite appetizers, fish-based first and second courses able to satisfy every taste. Gea, the owner, skilfully prepares each dish with great passion using top-quality fresh ingredients to prepare tasty and lively dishes. Il Girasole is waiting for you to celebrate Ferragosto together, in a family environment where you can try Sardinian cuisine or the famous two-storey seafood appetizer. 
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Via F Gioia, 25 | tel 0421 341556 


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