Date: July 2023

At Ca’ Fornera Entertainment, music, good food and fun. These are the main ingredients of Frammenti di Sagra, the event scheduled in the Jesolo hamlet of Ca’ Fornera, in the historic area behind the church. The next dates are Friday 28 July with DJs Iva Costa, Angelo Del Conte and Francesco Bura

Italy’s biggest charity aperitif Born in 2010 for charitable purposes, AperyShow is Italy’s largest charity event that has rekindled the stage in Arsego, in the province of Padua. Last April, more precisely between 21 and 25, the five days of Aperyshow took place between show, music and solidari

Overlooking Jesolo’s main street, it is here that you will find the right place, whether at lunchtime with the sun’s rays, or at dinner… by moonlight. Your evenings framed by a well-kept environment will be enriched thanks to the vast culinary choice that ranges from land to sea, from meat

It is a slice of heaven for breakfast, but also for a lunch break with its delicious snacks and relaxing aperitifs. At anytime of the day at Dolce Pausa, the bar overlooking piazza Kennedy, you will find everything you want, stuffed brioches to soft and tasty muffins, passing by biscuits, pastries,

Il Girasole is a restaurant near Piazza Torino that offers a rich menu with typical Sardinian specialities. The restaurant knows how to offer a wide range of delicacies such as culurgiones, malloreddus, pane carasau, Sardinian porceddu, fregola with mussels, and the famous seadas. If you are curious

If you are looking for a private place without giving up a central location, near Piazza Marconi there is the right place for you: it is called Balicana and it is a corner of the Caribbean in the heart of Jesolo. Here everything revolves around the tropics, from the atmosphere inside to that of the


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