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Bricks Experience | The Lego exhibition not to be missed

The incredible exhibition, built entirely out of Lego bricks, will be open until 11 September, at 30 Via Bafile, in the former Bounty exhibition venue. “Bricks Experience” immerses the visitor in an incredible, cheerful and colourful world through many extraordinary reproductions, an artistic journey that recounts the technological evolution of all the means of transport built throughout history. A real journey told through 150 works of art created, with more than a million Lego bricks, by world-famous artists: planes, trains, space rockets and famous ships such as the reproduction of the Titanic, a truly impressive work, which with its 200,000 pieces reaches a length of 7 metres. The exhibition also includes play-interactive areas and didactic-pedagogical zones, where young and old can give free rein to their imagination by building beautiful colourful constructions with the iconic bricks, and enjoy unforgettable virtual experiences. “Bricks Experience” is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last admission), don’t miss this exciting exhibition, it will be a memorable experience! More information can be found on the dedicated webpage www.bricksexperience.it.

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