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Simon Benetton Museum | Over 60 years of artistic heritage

In Treviso, in Sant’Artemio, all art lovers will be able to visit the Simon Benetton Museum and displays a permanent retrospective exhibition of sculpture and painting from 1950 to 2016. A destination for numerous art enthusiasts who can visit Maestro Simon Benetton’s atelier, transformed into a museum centre open to the public. The object of a conservative restoration carried out by the sculptor’s family, the museum enhances over sixty years of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Maestro from Treviso, which boasts other prestigious museum presences such as those in London, Washington, Beijing, Tokyo and the Vatican Museums. Not to be missed is the event ‘A Night at the Museum’ on 21 September. A docu-cultural film presented by Prof Valerio Malvezzi with his ‘Humanistic Economy’, a journey through art, philosophy and literature in search of the meaning of life, through the beauty of the arts. Guided tours can be booked through the contact details of the museum, which is open every day to offer an unforgettable experience to discover a priceless historical and cultural heritage. For further information please visit www.museosimonbenetton.com
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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