Antistress – September

di Riccardo Zambon | Doctor of Sports Sciences and Physical Performance

“When it comes to eating correctly and making physical exercise, there is no” I’ll start tomorrow “. Tomorrow is the disease.”
Terri Guillemets

Another summer is about to end, our holidays are nearly over, and it’s time to stare at your computer screen instead of admiring the waves crashing ashore at dusk. Only one thing can save you and make you always feel energetic and at peace with yourself: some healthy physical activity! Keep on taking care of yourself, even and especially in the winter months, because only those who love themselves can truly love the others as well.



This is a simple but effective workout as, so it should not be underestimated. All you need is your legs, a stopwatch and a straight stretch along which you can run several times. Perform a maximum sprint of 8 seconds, then gradually slow down and walk back to the starting point; recover for at least 2’30 “and start once again. Repeat the sequence 6-8 times. This exercise will help you train the alactic components of running, with excellent results in terms of power and development of the muscle mass.



Do you have just an hour of spare time and the desire to discharge the stress with a healthy run in the open air? 30-40 minutes of running with speed variations will make you feel like you were reborn. Just tale a stopwatch and alternate, during the run, a medium-slow recovery pace for 2 minutes, with a medium-high intensity training pace for 1 minute; repeat this sequence 10 or 12 times. With this workout, you will effectively train the aerobic component of running, the increasing cardiac output without excessively stressing tendons and joints.

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