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Cycling along the “shopping avenue”

By Alessio Conforti

From the lighthouse to the Pineta on the saddle of your bike. The geographical layout of Jesolo, characterized by a longitudinal path of at least 15 km, allows you to visit the city from one end to the other while riding your (increasingly indispensable) bicycle. The route, entirely in the urban territory, stretches along the cycle path that starts from Via dei Mille to Piazza Marconi. Here, it continues towards via Levantina and then Piazza Milana and Piazza Torino until ​​Cortellazzo, so rich in history. Obviously, you can also take it the other way around, always proceeding in parallel to the coastline. This excursion will let you enjoy the long shopping street, with hundreds of stores, cafés, clubs, restaurants and relaxing areas. You can leave early in the morning and return in the afternoon, or from the aperitif time to late evening. This route, simple and accessible to everyone, both young and old, will help you discover a city that goes well beyond its beach and sea, but offers also culture, art, cuisine and well-being. A tourist destination tailored to tourists. And, of course, to bicycles. Don’t miss it!


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