“Art and holidays, a winning combination”

The renowned art critic, Vittorio Sgarbi, recently inaugurated the collective exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography “IO…LA MIA ARTE” (I…MY ART), which was held at the modern and contemporary art gallery: Artemente Gallery, in via Dei Mille from 2nd to 10th June last year. The ideal opportunity to get up close and personal.

  • Professor Sgarbi, an art exhibition a stone’s throw from the sea: could Jesolo be an exemplary city that brings art on holiday?
    Art doesn’t need to go on holiday because it belongs to the soul. Nonetheless, a place where one spends a relaxing day off could be the right place in which to find the time to visit an exhibition, which can be a difficult task during the working week.
  • Are there any examples of this?
    In Cortina, exhibitions are held in galleries that are based in Milan, relocating in the winter to the Pearl of the Dolomites, and certain antiques dealers travel to the Costa Smeralda, looking to attract the attention of sophisticated clientele. Jesolo is certainly an important destination, the level of art and of collectors must be acknowledged: the city could have an art gallery, exhibiting paintings by artists of a certain calibre, for the simple fact that a tourist on holiday here, once tired of the beach can go and visit an exhibition.
  • You defined Jesolo as the Montecarlo of Italy. Why is that so?
    It is a potential Montecarlo, a city that is a place of freedom and holidays for the rich. I would imagine that a part of Jesolo’s tourism is high-end, as it’s clear that the works of art regard collectors with a high disposable income.
  • How can a debuting artist make that qualitative leap?
    They must find a good art dealer, who will promote their works and help them become a “chance happening”: in order to emerge, one must become a “chance happening”.

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