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A river of opportunities

Fiume Sile is a completely free application that accompanies you in the discovery of places and entertainment along the Sile river. It was born from an idea, and takes shape, thanks to Mauro Cecino, a great lover of local history and information technology, who decided to combine his passions to create a tool that enhances this area rich in history, culture and landscape value. The application boasts numerous downloads, hundreds of thousands of page views and is integrated with several social profiles and a website. The Sile is the longest resurgence river in Europe, originating from sandy springs between the municipalities of Piombino Dese (PD) and Vedelago (TV) and flows into the Adriatic Sea between Jesolo Lido and the Cavallino coastline. Its 95 km course is almost all navigable, while the banks are cycle paths. The application, with more than 200 geo-localised points of historical and artistic interest available in the tourist section, also includes events, to keep you up-to-date on concerts, folk and wine and food, cultural and sporting events. In addition, it provides information on hiring bicycles, boats and organised excursions with guides. It is completed with a list of refreshment and accommodation facilities in the area. Fiume Sile App is an application that is constantly evolving, and new sections will soon be available so that you can discover the wonders of this river that springs and flows in the Veneto region.


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