JJ10_jesolo_vista mare_adriatico_scoperte incantevoli

Waves of emotions, curiosity and well-being 

by Alessio Conforti

An expanse of blue water that soothes the senses, heart and mind. An environmental jewel to be protected and preserved. The Upper Adriatic region, in the northern part of Italy, bathes Jesolo making it a unique seaside city, with 15 km of sandy shore accompanied by the sound of the waves. Then the bright sun colours the landscapes with an artistic touch at dawn and dusk, regardless of the point of view.

Jesolo has received 15 consecutive Bandiera Blu awards given by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education) which considers the excellent quality of the sea water as well as of the rescue services and the toilets.

This clean sea is rich in peculiarities and beauties that sometimes are far from the shore. In fact, a few hundred meters away from the coast, there are the famous “Tegnue”, underwater rocks that favour the re-colonisation of some native marine species. Seeing them is a unique experience.

Then let us mention some curiosities. The Upper Adriatic stands out for its sandy sea, which makes the water particularly turbid with suspended sand due to natural phenomena, such as the tides. It features valuable bivalves such as scallops, queen scallops, sea walnuts, grooved razor shells, wedge clams and clams. They all live in sandy substrates, a peculiarity of this specific area.

And then, as happens in the best movies, there are emotional feelings. Some fishermen going offshore have bumped into some nice dolphins, who have been attending the Venetian coast for some time.

Because every charming place needs something special to become unique. And the uniqueness of a place derives also from the people who attend it.


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