Tropicarium Park | The gecko: an upside-down reptile!

If at least once in your life you have looked at a gecko, surely you wondered how it can stay stuck to the wall or even to the ceiling. The agility with which these small reptiles can run, even on vertical surfaces or upside down, is truly incredible. As well as walking on very smooth surfaces, such as glass, without ever slipping or losing balance. How can this be explained? These spectacular animals are equipped with “very thin lamellae”, located under their paws, which are able to guarantee perfect adhesion by exploiting the “forces of attraction” on a molecular scale: the van der Waals force. If you want to know more, come, and see them in person at Tropicarium Park.  Open every day from 10am to 10pm (9pm last admission), it is possible to enter with your stroller, take photos (without flash), you can also buy a family ticket and the cheaper Combined Ticket with La Fabbrica della Scienza. We are waiting for you!
c/o Palazzo del Turismo Via Aquileia, 123 www.tropicarium.it exponaturaitalia@gmail.com

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