Tropicarium Park | The curious Axolotl

The first animal that it met at the Tropicarium Park in Jesolo was a tortoise that walked slowly, had a very hard shell and was very old. The Axolotl, a beautiful amphibian, asked him why it was walking so slowly, and then the tortoise replied that you had to go slowly to better enjoy your journey. So the axolotl decided to take its advice. It slowly continued its adventure among many different species of turtles, geckos and iguanas. Suddenly, it saw some strange animals swimming very fast. “This fish is really amazing,” it thought. Then it took courage: “What kind of fish are you?” “But we are not fish,” they answered unanimously, laughing, “we are penguins.” “And why are you swimming so fast?” “Because, even though we are birds, we are much better at swimming than flying. And then, we must swim as fast as fish to catch and eat it.” The Axolotl, still confused, thought that perhaps the tortoise was not so wise. It started to run until it met a huge Nile crocodile who asked him annoyed where it was going in such a hurry. The frightened Axolotl told it that it was going so fast taking the advice of the penguins, but the crocodile laughed: “Those guys, half fish and half birds, don’t know anything about life. Ask the sharks that you will meet later.” Continuing its journey at a slow pace, the Axolotl found itself in front of a sand tiger shark that swam very slowly. “Why are you swimming so slowly?”, the Axolotl asked him in a faint voice. “I don’t need to swim fast now, I’m just enjoying the view,” the shark replied. “But the penguins told me that if I don’t go fast, I will waste a lot of time,” the amphibian answered. “The penguins swim after their little fish: if they met me, they would have nowhere to go.” Hearing those words and seeing that frightening mouth, the Axolotl returned to the stone fish: “Have you already returned to the aquarium?”. “Yes, the crocodile scolded me, the shark scared me and the penguins made fun of me!”. The fish in the aquarium started to laugh. The clownfish cleared its throat. “Leave them alone, penguins are birds and they can’t even fly, the crocodile is big and yet it always cries, and the shark looks frightful, but it is really nice. You shouldn’t care about the other animals – you are an axolotl and you are unique. With your characteristics. Look at me: they call me clownfish and I don’t know any jokes.” .
c/o Palazzo del Turismo Via Aquileia, 123 www.tropicarium.it exponaturaitalia@gmail.com
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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