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Tropicarium Park | An exciting adventure to the end

Once again this year’s visit to the Tropicarium Park was an exciting adventure for the many tourists who filled the city. Our animals remained the undisputed stars: penguins, sharks, crocodiles, fish of all kinds, geckos, frogs and many other species kept guests company on hot days and in bad weather. There was plenty of fun not only inside the park, but also on the beaches and in the most important coastal squares thanks to the games and workshops organised by Sole Rosso Animazione. Lots of free tickets for children and themed gadgets were up for grabs. There was no shortage of guided tours, supervised by our expert staff, to many children who attended summer centres and Grest, both from Jesolo and from other nearby and less nearby towns. There have also been many promotions and conventions adopted by the Park to meet the needs of all customers, from promotions in collaboration with Holliday Tickets, Oh Jes, Mondo parchi, Vivi parchi conventions to family packages, which can be purchased online or directly at the cash desks. Not forgetting the ‘Bring your grandparents’ promotions and the very popular Tropicarium Park + Science Factory combined tickets. It has been a fantastic season, thanks to you, our beloved customers. But we definitely owe a special thanks to our animal friends; the best staff ever. The Park will be open every day until 30 September and then every weekend. Timetables available on the website. For info www.tropicarium.it exponaturaitalia@gmail.com
c/o Palazzo del Turismo Via Aquileia, 123 www.tropicarium.it exponaturaitalia@gmail.com
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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