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An ancient gateway to the Venetian lagoon

It was once used as a fort to control a strategic zone, suspended between the lagoon and the countryside. On the right bank of the river Sile, a few kilometres from the old town, it is still possible to visit the remains of the Torre del Caligo, a construction that represents a tangible testimony of the ancient history of the city.

It can be reached along via Drago Jesolo, which is a road that runs alongside the river and then leads into the heart of the lagoon. An ideal itinerary, perfect to discover areas that offer extraordinary and rich glimpses of nature, and likewise suggestive flora and fauna, and impressive archaeology.

According to historians, the Torre del Caligo, or “Torre della Nebbia” (“Caigo” in Venetian dialect), was built in the medieval period. It was used to control the canals directed towards Venice, and also as a toll station for those wishing to enter the lagoon, as trade cargo bound for the capital of the lagoon would take the route along the namesake canal. However, with the opening of the Porte del Cavallino (locks of Cavallino) in the XVII century, trafficking moved giving rise to an alternative route. It is said that next to the construction, there were also sacred buildings including a monastery. Ancient maps actually indicate the presence of a second tower, although now non-existent. It was the same as the first tower, but located on the opposite bank of the Caligo canal, in Lio Maggiore.


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