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The treasure of the pineta: the Marian Path

by Manuel Pavanello

Located in the eastern area of Jesolo, opposite to the lagoon, the Pineta represents is actually the “green lung” of our city, a place where nature still reigns supreme. Here, time passes more slowly because we have moved away from the frenzy of traffic to admire the trees that rise up to protect us from the surrounding concrete. It is a spiritual, almost mystical union between man and nature. The Pineta Village Committee strongly believed in this artistic project to further enhance this area. As you know, art improves everything, especially when it is of high quality.

The paintings of the “Sacred Path” date back to the 2013-2016 period. Mary, Mother of Jesus and Queen of Heaven, is the central subject of the 20 wooden panels, perfectly integrated into this naturalistic context in terms of material and size. The series of sacred images accompanies the visitors to the nearby small oratory dedicated to Santa Teresa. It was made by five painters-artists: Carlo Monopoli, Paolo Maiani, Enzo Barbon, Almo del Sarto and Sergio Favotto.

This initiative was developed to enhance the experience of both the residents and the passers-by 7 days a week. The Pineta is not only a cool place that protects from the summer heat, but it has its own naturalistic and even historical charm, considering also the forts currently not accessible to the public because they are located in private properties. Jesolo needs its green lung: it is like our pristine garden of Eden. In other words, the Pineta is the green “alternative” to the more traditional lagoon.


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