The season of good mood is about to begin!

The alarm rings, we open our eyes and see a ray of sunshine from the window; we no longer need a blanket and getting out of bed isn’t so hard! The reason is very simple: summer is approaching, the season when our body is most energetic. In fact, our mood has always been influenced by weather conditions; our body defences react to changes with greater involvement of the immune system, especially in case of sudden changes in temperature, pressure and humidity. It is estimated that in Italy over 30% of the population suffers from meteoropathy. This condition leads to a series of physical and mental disorders that manifest themselves precisely as a result of gradual or sudden climate changes. Some of them can even perceive a meteorological change 48 – 72 hours before its occurrence; therefore, as soon as such an event is felt, they say “The weather will change!” Fortunately, summer is about to begin, and we will be able to forget the climate tricks at least until, upon the ringing of the alarm clock, we hear the ticking of the autumn rain on the windows, or the room frozen by the incoming winter.

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