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In Sicily, tradition is still more alive than ever, in popular customs and above all in the products of the land. This is why ancient and autochthonous breeds of animals still survive, which have inhabited this land since time immemorial and have fed man and helped him in his work for centuries. This is the case of the Modicana cow, the Sicilian cow par excellence, which with its characteristic red coat has always accompanied the island’s inhabitants. The Modicana cow is appreciated by the Sicilian people for its adaptability and quality: it can survive the hot Mediterranean summers and its milk is among the finest there is. However, with the advent of mechanisation and industrialisation, what was considered the ‘tool of the trade’ in the fields was gradually abandoned, due to the mechanisation of work and the low milk yield it guaranteed. Today, there are only 2,000 head of the Modicana cow in Sicily, compared to at least 25,000 in the past. There are few farmers who still have the prized Modicana breed: these modern heroes process its incredible milk to make unique cheeses with an intense and genuine flavour, given by the free-range farming the animal enjoys. A small curiosity: the Modicana cow only gives man its incredible milk if its calf is at its side. 
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LIBORIO MANGIAPANE Liborio Mangiapane, in his dairy located in the Sicani mountains in the heart of Sicily, produces Modicana cow cheeses that are golden yellow in colour and that smell of the Sicilian Mediterranean scrub: Caciocavallo, Cacio al pepe nero ‘Nero Modicano’, Provola dei monti Sicani and Cacio al pistachio siciliano are just some of the delicacies made by the cheesemaker’s expert hands. Taste the delicious Modican cow cheeses thanks to Gustatium.it
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