aglio olio e swing

The June’s events in Piazza Manzoni

Events, markets, music and fun. Nothing is missing in Piazza Manzoni in view of the upcoming summer. June starts on Monday 6 with the parade of the fanfare of the Bersaglieri and continues on Thursday 9 with the musical evening Aglio, Olio e Swing. On Tuesday 14 June, the programme includes the Mercatini sotto le Stelle (Markets under the Stars), and on Wednesday 15 the Orfei circus show. On Thursday 16, the programme includes the Zero ZB cover band in concert, while on Tuesday 21, the Mercatini is on again. The following day, Wednesday 22, the music will be in the hands of Frittura Mista. Thursday 23 the Rodigini orchestra and Friday 24 more music with the Aurora Band. Tuesday 28 the stands and stalls of the Mercatini sotto le Stelle, Wednesday 29 the Orfei circus show and Thursday 30 the musical tribute to Modà. All events start at 9 pm



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