by Giovanni Cagnassi

It is not difficult to find a safe harbour on the coast. Maybe hidden from the waves and the blasts of the winds marked in the “compass rose” used by sailors from all over the world. The city of Jesolo, which rises with its lido between the mouth of the Sile and Piave rivers, is morphologically and historically suitable to welcome sailors looking for a mooring and, still today, also with advanced services and entertainment. An excellent landing and starting point to reach Venice, which is just 11 miles away, or the coasts of Istria and Dalmatia.

Around-the-clock guaranteed surveillance and mooring assistance are the strengths for this world, strictly connected with any tourist resort. Jesolo boasts a long tradition, starting from the 1960s, when its tourism potential was discovered. The mouths of the rivers, so wide and hospitable, drew the attention of the first entrepreneurs operating in this industry, now essential for a seaside resort worthy of the name.

The Tourist Harbour, with the Marina Resort, is the most famous. It is situated at the mouth of the Sile river and results from skilful organization and well-established management, a docking place for yachts and large boats, flanked by comfortable housing units for guests. It is one of the most modern and well-equipped structures on the Venetian coast, with 650 berths and exclusive services. The nearby headquarters of the Coast Guard, with the iconic lighthouse overlooking this stretch of the coast, are an additional assurance.

On the opposite side of the city, there is Marina di Cortellazzo, at the mouth of the Piave, which flows into the sea along the border with Eraclea and the amazing Laguna del Mort, an elongated strip of sand beyond the mouth. The structure belongs to a splendid tourist village and is provided with a dock for boats up to 15 meters. Then there is Michelangelo Harbor Club, inside Residence Michelangelo, a new exclusive space with a renowned restaurant. The moorings are just 45 minutes away from Venice. The offering also includes many other harbours scattered along the coast, all top-quality structures: Nautica Dal Vi, Boat Service, Darsena Faro and other anchorages located between the Piave river and the sandbar. These places increasingly popular among those tourists who are discovering the beauty of slow holidays. You can sail through the waves and then ride with your bicycle surrounded by the evocative landscapes of the coast.


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