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A tradition that fascinates Jesolo 

by Alessio Conforti

The traditional Carnival floats are accompanied by joy and light-heartedness, telling a story that has been taking place for decades, always with great enthusiasm. In Jesolo the harvest period goes hand in hand with the Grape Festival, an event celebrated with allegorical floats, music, songs and dances. It is an ancient tradition that has come down to the present time. Because this is the way we were and the way we are.

This event celebrates red and white grape varieties as well as the local wines. At the end of the Sixties, Via Bafile welcomed a crowd of tourists enchanted by the colourful masks. From Piazza Mazzini to Piazza Marconi, the Carnival floats were livened up by musicians who played the best songs of the time. The participants received a large amount of grapes and the adults could taste a glass of wine to make a toast as a sign of gratitude.

The same atmosphere full of energy is reproduced today and involved all the areas of the city, not only the city centre. This year the appointment is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 7 and 8 September with lots of novelties not only for the tourists but also for the citizens, who eagerly wait for this weekend.

This event also marks the shift from summer to autumn. Just like the way we were. Just like the way we are.


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