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The City Hall of Jesolo, a plunge into the past

by Manuel Pavanello The town hall has always been a point of reference for citizens: it is one of those places of public utility that must always function. But it is also, for those who so wish, an exceptionally accurate historical source for learning the names of the various First Citizens who have succeeded one another over the decades from 1867 to the present day. In Jesolo Paese, where the current municipal house is located, there is a marble slab in the council chamber, on the first floor above. The list is very long and includes Mayors of Royal Appointment, those elected by the Municipal Council, Government-appointed Podestà, Mayors appointed by the National Liberation Committee and, finally, those of the Italian Republic. But before that, where was the municipal seat? Let us see what the documentary sources tell us, starting with the oldest seat. The current seat of the Civic Library was the municipal seat, inaugurated in 1878 and active until 1945. It also served as the headquarters for the Post Office from 1915. About 500 metres away, right next to the Ponte della Libertà bridge in Jesolo Paese, stands the old Town Hall, formerly the ‘Casa del Littorio’ (House of the Lictor) as it appears faded under the sign ‘Municipio’ (Town Hall), with the ‘Section IV, Ufficio Patrimonio’ (Heritage Office) annexed to it, which is half-hidden by vegetation.  At present, this striking burgundy-coloured building is owned by the state and assigned to the Harbour Master’s Office. However, the relocations of the municipal headquarters did not end there and, in fact, we now come to the latest change of address. In the case of Jesolo, the current City Hall is located in Via Sant’Antonio at number 11, but few people know that the project for the current building was approved in 1984 but work began seven months later in July 1985. After another 10 years, the current building was inaugurated on 25 June 1995 to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the Parish of St. John the Baptist in the presence of Patriarch Marco Cè. The flag-throwers of Palmanova did not fail to add spectacularity to this event, which some older readers probably also witnessed.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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