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by Alessio Conforti

Today like yesterday and yesterday like today. Deck chairs and pedal boats have been replaced by latest-generation sun beds, gazebos and umbrellas. But, even the most different things from the past actually remain the same over time.

The beach of Jesolo has preserved its charm, which has evolved without losing its classic taste for relaxation, freedom and top-quality services. Obviously, compared to the present day, something has changed: after all, changes are inevitable.

However, novelties always mushroom up. For example, in the Sixties/Seventies, deck chairs and umbrellas (strictly made of wood) were dismantled every day by the beach workers and were reassembled the following day at 5 am. They were stored in cabins large up to 10 square meters, well beyond their current size. In order for the equipment to be put back in the same place, the sand was bathed with seawater in the evening, so that the place where the umbrella had to be mounted clearly stood out. Today, conversely, beach resorts are already equipped with aluminium sun beds and umbrellas all summer long. The beach workers open and close them every night and regularly clean them. Lately, automatic beach umbrellas have been introduced which can be operated through a remote control system. The beach kiosks, all strictly made of wood, offered sandwiches with fresh cold cuts. The famous Venetian aperitif was already popular at that time.

According to the experts, the sandy shores were rather and were assigned to a manager. The lifeguards stood near the water on large wooden rowing boats, later replaced by paddle boats and then by motor boats. On the beach people used to play bocce, build sand castles, play football, have a bath and suntan. Today, beach resorts are provided with every comforts and areas dedicated to wellness, sports, playgrounds and entertainment for adults and children. Customers benefit from hot showers, toy storage service and Wi-Fi connection.

Everything is the result of evolution over time and this applies also to Jesolo and its holiday offer. Improvements are achieved only if you look to the future. This is why, year after year, great steps forward has been made.


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