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Since the dawn of time, men have developed various methods for the preservation of the food that they could not eat in the short term. In this regard, cured meats are probably the best invention: the processing of highly perishable food such as meat, which, thanks to the addition of precious salt and spices, can be stored for many months. The result is amazing: after all, who would give up a slice of freshly sliced ​​dry cured ham? The rich Italian biodiversity leads us to discover a historic type of cured meat from Tuscia, the ancient home of the Etruscans located in northern Lazio. In these fertile territories, people have fed on pigs for thousands of years, and the ancient Etruscans had started to prepare a type of cured meat with unique flavours, made with the less refined but certainly the tastiest parts of the pig: Susianella Viterbese. Susianella stands out for its characteristic horseshoe shape and for the colour of its meat, which varies according to the ageing from dark pink in the first days to brown in the last months (ageing may last up to 6 months!). The meat used for its preparation includes pancetta, guanciale and the shoulder, although the typical intense and persistent taste is given by entrails, such as the liver and the heart.  
SUSIANELLA VITERBESE Susianella Viterbese is a rare and ancient variety of cured meat; accompany it with a glass of rich red wine to better appreciate its characteristics and to help keep the extraordinary Italian culinary tradition alive! It is said to have such a persistent flavour that, if enjoyed during an aperitif, it continues to be pleasantly appreciated on the palate until coffee! Try it now on Gustatium.it  
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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