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Sand sculptures, Piazza Brescia hosts the gods of Olympus

This event called “L’ordine dei mondi” (“The Order of the Worlds”) will amaze and fascinate people of all ages, as always. The 2022 edition of the sand sculptures will be dedicated to Greek mythology, with a special focus on the myths of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. The story of their birth, their relationships and their deeds will take place through 3 cyclopic structures made of sand with perspective and depth illusions by 6 international artists. The exhibition will be held in Piazza Brescia from Saturday 4 June and will be open to visitors until Sunday 25 September.

The project will be coordinated by artistic director Richard Varano, formerly in charge of Jesolo Sand Nativity. Susanne Ruseler (Holland) and David Ducharme (Canada) will sculpt the myth of Poseidon and the underwater world. Radovan Zivney (Czech Republic) and Slava Borecki (Poland) will create the myth of Zeus, the ruler of Olympus and god of the sky. Finally, Jakub Zimacek (Czech Republic) and Pedro Mira (Portugal) will shape the myth of Hades and the underworld. The sculptors will create their works from 18 to 31 May.


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