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Sand sculptures | Discovering mythology

There is time until Sunday 25 September to visit and admire the splendid sand sculptures in Piazza Brescia. The title of the 24th edition is ‘The Order of the Worlds’. The exhibition is dedicated to the protagonists of classical mythology. Three monumental sculptures, carved by the skilful hands of sand artists from all over the world, tell the story of the great Greek myths: Zeus on Mount Olympus, Poseidon and the challenge with Athena, and Hades on the throne of the underworld. The myth of Zeus, head of Olympus and god of the sky, is sculpted by artist Radovan Zivney from the Czech Republic and Polish artist Slava Borecki. The Portuguese Pedro Mira and the artist from the Czech Republic Jakub Zimacek represent the myth of Hades on the throne of the underworld, with Charon behind him, who ferries the dead through the gate of the underworld. Admission is free.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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