I lay bare… on stage

by Elisa Panto

Rocco Siffredi, a myth in the sector of hard film industry. He is married to Rosa, ex Miss Hungary, and has too children with her. He runs a hard empire in Budapest.

  • If you hadn’t done the porno actor, today what would you have been…?
    If I hadn’t done the porno star, they would have taken me at the Sip to repair telephones, as my mother would have liked, pretending to break them in order to repair them, or finding single women without husbands.
  • How di your career as a porno actor start?
    It was in 1984 and I was in Paris, after starting the merchant navy, and I found myself collaborating in the management of a friend’s restaurant, when Gabriel Pontiello, who was already known in the world of porno in the 80s, gave me the idea to get closer to his world. I was amazed, seized by many desires, and I understood, that it could be my great passion, and afterwards I could proceed by myself.
  • How do you manage to conciliate family and work?
    My family is the pivot of my life. I and my wife adore each other, in Hungary where I live, they have a more open and intelligent mentality. My children know about my work, I have never had to lie to my family, we have always spoken without any taboo! The eldest is a photocopy of my wife, also temperamentally, instead the youngest is like me, and when he sees a woman, he no longer understands anything!
  • Let’s speak about the new theater piece “Autentico”, coming on stage in May 2021. How was it like, the first time on stage?
    Emotional… the theater intimidates, but at the same time it brings out the best in you! It loads you with adrenaline! The first time it was this mix of emotions, terror and strong desire to make it… and then with the flawless guidance of Luciano Melchionna we have discarded al perceptions, hesitations and shyness and we really gave our best!
  • What is the theater show about?
    I’ll speak very frankly about sex and eros, like everybody does in his own mind. 
  • I’ll speak about the sexual difference between man and woman… who establishes the limit?
    I’ll speak about myself, about my private life, about my family… porno and family, two opposite poles holding my life together.
  • Who or what is “authentic”?
    “Authentic” am I, the director, the actresses and the actors, who will approach this “strange” spectacle which does not fully belong to any genre. “Authentic is the mirror of our society of the last decades, always “false”, precisely “pornographic”.
  • Future programs?
    We are realizing, currently being written, a project on the figure of the character 
  • Siffredi, for Netflix, produced by Baltimore Production.
  • Do you know Jesolo?
    Many years ago I have been to Jesolo, and definitely I would like to visit it once again during my tour!

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