“When culture meets entertainment, then it reaches everyone”

by Alessio Conforti The pleasure of discovering and sharing: these are the key concepts of a knowledge that cannot (and must not) get old. This is what the famous TV presenter Roberto Giacobbo – who has recently participated in the Portogruaro Children’s Literature Festival – truly believes. Boasting a long television career, the writer and documentary filmmaker has focused on many aspects related to the youth.
  • Children’s literature and the dissemination of culture. What is their importance in 2021? These are major issues. Because, first of all, they allow people to travel with their mind. Then, the dissemination of culture must be intended for everyone. It is often believed that it addresses only the over 60s, but it is not so.
  • What is the basis for this assumption? Fortunately, the programs that I present address a wide audience, including the youth. My daughters’ classmates or university fellows often give me “high five” and tell me: “See you this evening on TV”. It is a wonderful thing.
  • Do you give lectures at schools as well? Yes, of course. We talk about space, science, fantasy, legends and our heritage from the past. When culture meets entertainment, then it reaches everyone.
  • What is the leitmotiv of your long career? The opportunities for sharing. Once, I looked for the subjects on my own, with just a few collaborators and an author (who later became my wife). Now, thanks to the network, we are helped by those who feel part of this discovery project.
  • Mystery is the main theme of your programs … Yes, initially I totally focused on mystery, and then I started to analyse it from different points of view. After all, any scientific discovery arises from doubt or at least from the desire to discover something that has not been discovered yet. Everything that is not known yet is a mystery, even before it occurs.
  • What Countries are still impressed in your mind? Egypt first of all, but the greatest discoveries were Ireland and, especially, Italy. It is the richest territory in terms of towns, history and people. Based on my numerous travels to all the continents, I’m sure of this.
  • With reference to towns, you have Venetian origins. What does it feel like to come back here? My hometown is Bassano del Grappa: whenever I return to Veneto, I feel like this is my home.
  • To what extent can mystery, discovery, culture and history enrich the holiday experience of those who choose our seaside resorts? To a large extent! The desire to think and learn has no time, no age, no place and no season. So let’s enjoy our wonderful Italy resting and spending a peaceful summer.
  • Eventually, what will Roberto Giacobbo do when he grows up? I don’t know (he laughs, editor’s note.) I’ll wait a while, and then who knows!

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