JJ31_intervista roberto dal cin

Roberto Dal Cin, President of Confapi Tourism and Culture

“Cycle tourism, environment and culture: let’s start from here”

Summer 2022 is marked by the return to normal life, and this trend seems to be positive for entrepreneurs. We have discussed this topic with Roberto Dal Cin from Jesolo, recently appointed president of Confapi Tourism and Culture in Rome.  
  • Dal Cin, let’s start with Jesolo. What is the trend so far?
It is significant, with positive numbers. The return of events is driving all the relating industries. Our locality must focus on these aspects to extend the season.  
  • And besides this?
Certainly, the promotion of cycle tourism, considering the specific demands in this field. Jesolo also boasts significant environmental beauties that should be enhanced, as well as the food and wine specialties. And then culture, which goes hand in hand with tourism.  
  • Infrastructure: what are the aspects to be further enhanced to remain competitive?
We must be ready to benefit from the NRRP funds, and improve the connection with the locality. But this aspect involves all the tourist locations.   
  • Considering the whole territory of Venice: is 2022 the year of recovery?
Yes, of course. There has been a radical change with arrivals that we did not expect all along the coast, from Bibione to Sottomarina. Venice, too, as a city of art, has recovered its pre-pandemic trend.  
  • Speaking of hot topics. What about the difficulty of finding adequate staff? How can it be overcome?
Strengthening the interactions with educational and professional institutions, and taking into account the accommodations for our staff and the State funds to recruit new personnel thanks to tax relief.  
  • Your appointment covers the whole national territory. What are your objectives?
Submitting the problems of the sector to national institutions and fostering strong relationships with all the parties involved. And then, the organisation of the Milan-Cortina 2026 25th Winter Olympic Games. It will be a historic event for the whole Country, and we will have to be ready.

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