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Roaring wheels on the “urban route”!

by Alessio Conforti

During a stay at the sea, don’t miss the experience of travelling along the main roads of the city. Obviously, by bicycle.

Today, we would like to describe the Urban Route. This easy itinerary is 27 km long and stretches between the two ends of the beach. For convenience, the starting point is PalaInvent in Piazza Brescia. Take the Provincial road 42 towards Cavallino-Treporti, then ride along viale Padania up to the tourist harbour. Now, turn left along via Anna Frank and then turn right. You will arrive in piazza Faro, where you will be able to enjoy the breath-taking view of the seafront near the mouth of the Sile river. After this short break, the adventure goes on!

Get back on the bike and ride along via Alberto da Giussano towards via dei Mille, following a path that will lead us to the famous cycle path which surrounds the city and reaches the urban and commercial core of Jesolo. The eastward way is absolutely straight.

If you take a look around, you will enjoy a series of shops, flavours, essences and summer views. Now, follow a road that intersects via Verdi, via Foscolo, via Trentin, via Bafile and via Dante Alighieri. The latter, by turning left, will take you to via Levantina up to piazza Milano.

Here, turn left coming down via Danimarca. Go straight on the roundabout, always northwards, up to you reach the junction towards via Corer, a rural path that leads directly to the Pineta through viale Belgio.

Once again, our bike has taken us to two opposite and parallel worlds: the urban and the agricultural one, which are so different but, at the same time, so unique. After a visit to Cortellazzo, you will get close to the mouth of the Piave river; through viale Oriente, this path will take you back to Piazza Milano by going westwards. Once there, you can go back through the same route up to Piazza Brescia, the original starting point. Isn’t it great?

Take some water bottles and put on your backpack. Your adventure starts here. 

JJ15_piste ciclabili_jesolo_via bafile_urban route

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