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Road safety | An evening in piazza Milano

Jesolo is once again hosting the permanent road safety campaign, an event that has been dear to the city since 2003. The protagonist will be the local police. On Wednesday 24 August, in Piazza Milano from 8 pm, residents and tourists will be able to take part in “Think about life…Drive with your head! From the Adriatic to the Dolomites”: a project created to inform young people and adults about responsible driving behaviour, involving Jesolo together with other towns, from the Venetian coast to Cadore. Almost 20 years after the first edition, raising awareness among citizens on road safety issues remains a priority. The importance of wearing helmets and seat belts, the risks and effects of using alcohol and drugs when driving vehicles, driving behaviour on mopeds and motorbikes, and the use of the telephone.     
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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