“I’m from another planet”

by Elisa Panto

Class 2001, Emanuele Caso, in art Random, is a young rapper who has depopulated with the songs “Chiasso” and “Rossetto”. We have met him shortly after his new single “Siamo di un altro pianeta” (We are from another planet) has been released.

  • Hallo Emanuele and thank you for your availability! Let’s start… How much of Emanuele is in Random?
    Emanuele and Random are the two parts of the same medal, I would say 50% each. Emanuele is the more shy and introverted part, instead Random is the artist, more exuberant and creative. It is me 100%.
  • Can you tell us how your career started?
    I started to make freestyle practically on the school desks; at home, instead, it was my father who passed the passion for instruments to me. My first concerts I did together with him in church strumming the guitar and playing the piano.
  • How your songs are born?
    There is no precise way: I really need few things: a song I’m listening to, a moment in my life, a music I hear in television or a soundtrack of a film. Then I drop everything and start to compose what’s in my head.
  • How can socials help a boy who would like to emerge?
    If they are used with criterium they can help a lot, knowing how to use them and never abuse, they are an excellent medium to make yourself known everywhere.
  • In your opinion what is it that your public mostly likes in you?
    My way to tell things, my personality, the fact to be an authentic real person.
  • Do you inspire yourself in someone?
    I like very much the international pop: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran… lately I am listening very much to the music of the Backstreet Boys!
  • What advice do you want to give to young people like you who want to have success in the world of music?
    Never give up. Follow your dreams and work hard to achieve them. But most of all: do not imitate anybody, differentiate yourself.
  • Your new single “Siamo di un altro pianeta” has just come out: can you tell us something about it?
    It speaks about the awareness and the beauty to feel different from the others, unique, about never giving up when those moments inevitably arrive when 
  • “you feel like a zero”.
  • Future projects?
    Soon I’ll announce the dates of some live shows which I’ll make during summer and I’ll continue to write new songs every day. If it is possible I’ll take some holiday too!

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