Podversic, when wine is art

by Francesco Macaluso

We met the wine producer from Gorizia Damijan Podversic as the protagonist of the first edition of “Dinner with the Producer”, an oenological, culinary and artistic event organized by the open-air village “Luxury Camp”, based on the idea of the owner Mattia Ferro. “I still consider myself a farmer”, was the provocative debut of Damijan Podversic, describing his life of dedication to achieving the quality standard of the grapes of his vineyards grown on the southern slope of Mount Calvario. The patron of the well-known Julian winery of white wines appreciated by all starred restaurants, such as the famous Ribolla Gialla, but also Nekaj, Kaplija, Malvasia, presented wines of the 2018 vintage with the sole exception of the Ribolla Gialla Riserva 2010. “In our countryside on the border with Slovenia ”Podversic pointed out“ there is no point in industrial planning, only wine conceived as a poem in 365 days a year of constant commitment is worthwhile: from preparing the land to harvesting ”. “I am a very lucky person, because I realized my childhood dream: I wanted to make a great wine since I was 12 years old” he later confessed during the evening “that of our family is a story of expectations to be able to do what we have passion: my father waited over 20 years as an innkeeper to return as a farmer, I waited for my childhood and adolescence to become a winemaker, and now my daughter Tamara will take over the company from 2026 ”. “Even if they are in fashion today”, he concluded speaking of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, “in reality there are no totally natural wines, because it is the wine making process that is artificial. The winemaking technique has been perfected for 8000 years aiming to alleviate acidity defects on the palate with sulfur dioxide “. 

Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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