JJ30_jesolo vintage

by Giovanni Cagnassi

Standing on the western side of Lido di Jesolo, in the direction of the lighthouse, it is the last large square of the Lido.  Piazza Nember owes its name to the Brescia family that arrived in Jesolo in the mid-1920s with about fifteen Lombard families in tow and engaged in reclamation of the land at the time.  It was these pioneers who laid the foundations of the future lido dei Lombardi, in homage to the guests of this northern Italian region who fell in love with the beach of Jesolo and elected it as a privileged place for their holidays.  No one in the 1920s would have ever imagined that Jesolo would become one of the most popular holiday resorts in Italy.  From these families the base was formed which gave life to the first tourist activities thanks to the intuitions of the entrepreneurs who were starting in this sector. For many decades after, Piazza Nember remained on the sidelines along the 15 kilometres of Jesolo coast, mostly livened by foreigners rather than by Italians who preferred to stay in the central area.  Over the years the spotlights have turned back on the square and it is now an elegant and neat area, with a large and organised beach. Over time, tourist and commercial activities have flourished, and the square has strengthened its identity to this day.  A slow start, therefore, but along a road that now appears to be downhill.  It has recently undergone a major redevelopment which has redesigned the perimeter around the large roundabout which is also a stage for events. There is no shortage of parking spaces well arranged around the green centre.  Over the years, Piazza Nember has also become an area of ​​the Lido much loved by German and Austrian tourists, far from the noise of Piazza Mazzini and the more mundane areas of the Lido.  This is why this area now opens up to a new future, thanks to its strategic position due to its proximity to the  Sile and the tourist port with various private docks, but also to Cavallino Treporti which is a few kilometres away thanks to the Cavallino bridge easily accessible from the square.  A rebirth that according to many tour operators is only in its promising beginnings.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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