JJ29_piazza nember

Piazza Nember | Evenings light up

Jesolo’s west Lido lights up with evenings of entertainment organised by the local Committee in Piazza Nember. Every Wednesday, until 7 September, from 8.40 pm to 11.30 pm the programme includes Latin American dancing with many enthusiasts from all over the north-east. On Friday 15 July, great expectation for the ‘Stranger 290’ concert of 70s music, with reinterpretations of the great songs of these years. Daiana Orfei, the well-known circus artist, performs instead from 9.15pm to 11pm on the evenings of 23 July, 6 and 20 August, to entertain and amuse the little ones. On Tuesday, 26 July, it is the turn of “Aglio, Olio & Swing” with music from the 40s and 50s, To dance to the notes of another era. Many evenings for the entertainment of young and old, with surprising and exciting shows, all to be experienced.

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