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Piazza Milano | Theatre, music and lots of fun

Evenings to be experienced this month in Piazza Milano. On Tuesday 12 July, the Teatro dei Pazzi company takes the stage for a few hours of relaxation and light-heartedness. On Thursday 14 July there is a concert by the musical group Oltre l’Eden, while on Tuesday 19 July there is a musical show by Andrea Valeri. On 20 July, Wednesday, more music with ‘Yesterday Today and Forever’. On Thursday 28 July, Tolo Marton will delight the audience. August opens on Tuesday 9 again with Teatro dei Pazzi and continues on Thursday 11 with a live performance by Jalisse. A duet, that of Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci, not to be missed. Already winners of the Sanremo festival, they are known and respected in Italy and abroad thanks to their international tours and participation in the Dublin Eurofestival. All events start at 9 p.m.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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