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Piazza Milano | Music for everyone

Piazza Milano is ready to host great events. June is the month of music. Let’s start with Sound Jumble in concert on Saturday 18, followed by the performance of the Japanese Taiko percussionists on Sunday 19. On Tuesday 21 June, it will be the turn of the Bluesy Twins band, while the Jazz Rise trio will take the stage on Friday 24. July won’t be less, thanks to a location capable of welcoming hundreds of people. The first event is scheduled for Saturday 2 July, with the concert of the Monteverdi municipal music school of Musile di Piave. On Tuesday 5, the Accordi Disaccordi gypsy-jazz trio will perform, followed by a theatre show on July 12. On Thursday 14, the Oltre l’Eden music band will take the stage, while the music show by Andrea Valeri is scheduled for Tuesday 19.

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