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Piazza Aurora, a fascinating amphitheatre

by Giovanni Cagnassi

Located on the western shore, immediately after the core of Jesolo’s nightlife, Piazza Aurora is a place that represents and preserves a good part of the history of the city. The namesake hotel dominates the Piazza, built in 1928 and still one of the most important hotels today. The agora was built in the 1950s, at a time of economic growth that followed the second post-war period. Tourist and residential buildings were built in a short time, with many families from all over Northern Italy who punctually cross this threshold that leads to the sea. There is no shortage of commercial activities that open onto the well-known local amphitheatre that dominates the square with its steps, surrounding a central arena and a stage perfectly used for shows and exhibitions. Here, every summer, events and demonstrations are staged attracting hundreds and hundreds of people including residents and guests. An area that has been able to create its own family-friendly format. The current urban layout, however, is relatively recent and deserves a reconstruction. Piazza Aurora was in fact redeveloped in 2010, losing part of its historical structure. The intervention mainly involved two areas, namely the northern part, with the intersection and the road axis between the end of via Trentin and the beginning of via Foscolo. The new spaces created in the furnishing and redesign project were used as a pedestrian area, made of solid wood, and coloured concrete for the new urban furniture. The Piazza is an open area, with open access, completely paved that opens to the public’s view with a particular solemnity that recalls ancient forms and architecture, revisited in a modern, young, and sparkling space.

It is easily connected to the pedestrian promenade, ideal for shopping and for accessing ice cream parlours, bars, or restaurants. It is full of shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels and tourist apartments. A Piazza, therefore, to be enjoyed with your friends away from the frenzy of the beach. The hustle and bustle suddenly quietens down here as a kind of magic. It used to be like that in the past. It is the same now.


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