JJ17_Piste Ciclabili_riviera piave

Piave Riverside, when beauty survives the decades

by Alessio Conforti 

A river, a story, a thousand emotions. The flow of Piave represents a rich proof of ideas and landscapes to be admired. The “Rose Path”, which we chose for you, let you follow the water way from the mouth, starting from Cortellazzo,  and ride through a rich cycle way towards Eraclea. A section which reaches Musile di Piave thank to a simple path, especially designed to make all the features of this wonderful land arise. Nature, alongside the river sacred to the homeland, reigns uncontested, enriched by a blue stretch which survived the passing of the decades and the war events. Now peace and the sound of the river reign, which flow to the sea with an enviable rhythmic cadence. Once in Musile and after crossing the renowned Victoria Bridge, you can come back to Jesolo passing by San Donà di Piave, hitting the regional road 53 towards Isiata and the small towns Ca’ Turcata, Ponte Crepaldo and at the end Eraclea. Before the bridge you turn on your left, riding till Anafesto road, after becoming Murazzetta road. It will be this to accompany you, straigth away, to the famous “Boats Bridge” of Massaua road: the crossing that as if by magic will make you come back to Cortellazzo, the starting point of our tour at the discovery of the magic world of Piave river.


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