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Parco Pineta: a “fusion” place

The Pineta is known as the “green space” of Jesolo. It was planted in the eastern shore above old dunes consolidated since the 1920s. The original expanse of pines (Pinus Pinea) was gradually invaded by other species plants such as black locust trees and poplars, followed by subsequent urbanisation. One of the best valued and protected corners is the Parco della Pineta, just a stone’s throw from the Merville skyscraper and beach. Officially inaugurated on the 21st of June 2011, this area is easily accessible by car also thanks to the adjacent car park in via Oriente. This area of approximately 16,570 square meters preserves local nature in perfect blend with the territory. This verdant area was designed and built by the famous Portuguese landscape architect João Ferreira Nunez by combining metal structures hidden by wooden walkways for a see-through effect that combines the need for durability with that of respecting the wilderness. The Portuguese landscape architect has wisely contrasted the irregular lines of the wild pines with the geometric and orderly segments of the wooden walkways, a natural material yet worked here by man. Surrounded by skyscrapers and residential buildings of concrete and glass, the pines dominate this area. The landscape architect has been able to blend man’s work with that of pre-existing nature so that each visitor has a sense of continuity and harmony with the surrounding vegetation. There are also information panels at the junction points of the walk regarding the flora and fauna for those who want a more didactic approach to their walk. We take this opportunity to remind you that the park is not equipped for picnics and does not have a playground for children. It is a slightly different location to explore just a stone’s throw from the main street of Jesolo Est. A place where nature and architecture can offer you a pleasant alternative.
Jesolo journal Aprile 2022

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