“Take it easy”

by Alessio Conforti

He is a familiar face of the Italian cinema, television and theatre. In effect, he is one of the most popular showman in Italy. Paolo Ruffini, actor and director from Livorno, has recently taken part in the new fashion campaign launched by the Venetian designer Massimo Vello.

  • Polo, what is the meaning of this “particular” historical moment?
    Surely, there is something more contagious than a virus, that is happiness. The happiness of spending some time with friends and smiling. We all need to meet and share moments with our dear ones.
  • Why?
    Because this situation has led to a kind of mental isolation, it seems that we are no longer able to have relationships with people. And every event, even a simple fashion event, becomes a social occasion. Definitely, I prefer social relations to social networks …
  • You took part in movies, theatre and television shows. What is the context that best represents you?
  • Why?
    Because in theatre shows, we are real; in movie theatres we are big, and on television we are small. Theatre is authentic. And today we need authenticity.
  • Last Christmas you were the protagonist of a TV show entitled “Up & Down” and broadcast on Italia1. It spread an important message …
    I truly care about this project which deals with people affected by Down syndrome. They are special. They love hugging and being hugged, search for physical contact and, unlike me, have a spontaneous relationship with happiness. I often get bored with others, but I never get bored with them.
  • What has this experience taught you?
    Nowadays, we all look and strive for perfection, but spending some time with them means being grateful for life and learning that it can always be wonderfully abnormal. I believe that diversity is an important resource and a great opportunity. We are all uniquely different: this is what I learned from them.
  • Summer 2021: will movies about holidays still be successful in Italy as they were in the past?
    That’s a big question. Everybody dreams longs for holidays. Compared to the world of cinema, in real life people are not inclined to joke. The best thing is to laugh at ourselves, but today we take ourselves too seriously. We should reconsider things and take them easy. Then, comic films will be funny again.
  • So, in this regard, what will Paolo Ruffini do in the future?
    He will continue to be a child, obviously!

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