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Spirited, energetic and sunny artist

Talking with an artist is always an interesting and engaging experience but talking with Paola was really exciting. You will surely ask yourselves the reason for my statement which I will tell you with great pleasure. Paola is a lively, energetic and radiant artist, when you talk about art with her you can perceive notes of joy that envelop the people who are close to her, such as friends and family who support her in her artistic path. Her approach to art began at the age of thirty with the arrival of her two children, Paola told us, she dedicated herself to art to release the tensions accumulated during the day, discovering that this activity gave her joy, serenity and relaxation.  Thanks to the help of the curator Loredana Trestin Paola managed to make her way and rank in second place during the Biennale in Florence. Research and experimentation accompany Paola, aware of having landed in art without having attended specific studies, trying various techniques and styles that enrich her every day. Mainly devoted to two fundamental elements, matter and color, her abstract art spreads in chromatic swirls that seize her. Recently she has approached epoxy resin to be able to use her brilliance, brightness and depth.  A suggestion for all art lovers but not only, is to visit Paola Bettello’s website https://paolabettello.altervista.org/ and let yourself be immersed in her unique and fascinating world.

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